ROCK OF AGES MEDIA MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL ~ We have a list of "Biblical Based Videos" - ranging from various "Subjects" – that are available for viewing by you and / or your Ministry - located on "this" our Ministries' "Homepage" entitled "Webcast Channels". You are welcomed to review and use them to assist in "Biblical Education", as God directs. Please keep us informed of whether these types of "Video Educational Tools" are beneficial to  you and your Ministry. My primary responsibility as an Apostle is to help - in organizing "Outreaches" for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - in addition to - establishing "Leaders"of the Faith; along with the "Local Churches" We look forward to sharing more with you in the near future - as well as to receive from you, what God is placing upon your heart. We'd like to introduce and add you to our "Professional Networks"Our LinkedIn Page is: - Our Twitter Page is: - Our Facebook Pages are: - - In Jesus we remain committed to reaching "Lost Souls" around the world with the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, Apostle Ronnie and Takako Bailey, Overseers - Rock of Ages Ministries, International - - (504) 613-7234 or (337) 706-7234 We welcome you to our Website - We're excited that God have directed you our way, and we believe there is a divine purpose for our connection. The promises of God can transform your health. Through obedience, they turn financial situations around, heal broken relationships, and enable you to walk in victory and guarantee your success. Today we want to ask you to make an investment in God's Word, to sow a seed, in faith, that will not only produce a harvest in your life but also in the lives of other people. As you invest what God has entrusted to you, you'll be blessed by the One who has your future in His hands. God blesses our giving, with financial increase and even more importantly with prosperity that money cannot buy. Remember the seed you sow today is the harvest you will reap tomorrow. In fact, YOU are a harvest. Our ministry in some way touched your life because someone else first sowed a seed. Thank you in advance. Your gift is a step of faith, and God always honors faith.